100% Natural Portuguese Handmade Cork Woman Checkbook Wallet

100% Natural Portuguese Handmade Cork Woman Checkbook Wallet Description

Is it Real cork? – Yes, it is real cork, it is cork fabric. It feels like leather but it comes from the oak tree. How does it Feel like? Its cork, is it like wood? – Cork comes from oak tree but cork fabric is very soft, silky touch and very comfortable to use/wear, yet with rustic and amazing look. How Durable are cork products? – Cork products will last very long, we can compare them to a great quality leather goods. Are Cork products Green? -Yes, they are. They are hand made with cork fabric. Cork is natural, renewable and sustainable raw material. Is it suitable for Vegans? – Yes, it is. It is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. It is 100% leather-free, no animal products are used and no test are made to animals. Can it be cleaned? – Sure. Cork fabric is stain and water resistant and just need to be clean with Soft Damp Cloth to be kept as new. It is One-of-a-kind Gift? – Yes, it certainly is. Due to nature of cork, every single product is different and unique, grain and color may slightly differ from one to another. About Portuguese Cork As the largest producer of cork in the world, Portugal has seen a wide range of projects directed at coming up with new applications for this ecological material. Cork is a natural material derived from the cork oak tree. It has a history of use dating back for thousands of years, and as with so many natural products, it is proving to have a wide range of applications in the modern world. Simply put, cork is the outermost layer of bark of two different species of oak tree that grow in the Mediterranean and Iberian region. It is harvested when the tree reaches 20 years, and then every 9 years after that. The productive life of the tree averages is about 150 years.

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