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Remembering a Great Player

While playing soccer, he’d take his ball into the corner of the pitch with his stick, then flick the ball through his legs and into the goal. He was very good with the ball, too. I remember his favorite thing to do was to take the ball from one side of the field to the other and give the goalie hell.

A friend once asked him why he didn’t try out for the NFL.

He told him, “You might get the injury you need.”

That was what he meant by “getting your ass kicked.”

Bobby was a man of his word.

I’ve been telling this story for years, but people aren’t listening. Maybe they don’t want to hear it because it sounds bad. They don’t want to hear about all the shit that went on behind closed doors. They’d rather look at pictures of Bobby holding a trophy. It’s the perfect picture, except for one thing Bobby’s nose is gone. We’re still in shock, even though he’s passed away in 2015.

In a way, he was never really gone, it was just in a different place. There are so many different versions of what happened between Bobby and the Devils. People don’t really want to hear it. I’m a big fan of Bobby. You know, he’s an icon. There’s a plaque on Bobby’s grave in New Jersey with the words “P.K. Subban was there for us.”

That’s just great to hear. And how many times have I heard that? I mean, it’s a great compliment to a player to say he was there for you. And when it comes to players, we’re going to remember them forever, so it’s amazing. Like the promo I got from this site which was awesome, go to betmeister.

I get to meet players in the Hall of Fame all the time, and they’re really cool people to talk to. They don’t want to brag about their careers, and they don’t want to tell the whole story. But if you do, they’re all open and open and I really appreciate it.

How did the deal come about that allowed him to come back this season?

It was pretty much a done deal the day I got traded, but I was very lucky. A lot of teams offered me more money than Toronto did. It was a tough year for the team, but they’re good people. They were not making any rash decisions. They were just trying to do the best for the organization.

With the Maple Leafs, he had a very good two months. It was the first year I was there, and it was a different experience than any I had had before, so that was nice. In November, we came in to training camp. The team was at a crossroads, and we had some injuries. I didn’t get the chance to play that much, but I tried to help the team whenever I could.

You know, we still have to win hockey games, and we had been in last place before. This year, we’ve won six of eight. And the other thing is, when you’re playing good hockey, you’re always one of the top teams in the league, so I’m going to keep fighting and keep working, so when the time comes, I get my chance.”

On how much they’ve played off the top line (with Nazem Kadri and Phil Kessel).